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This week saw the eagerly anticipated frisbee tournament of the year - "The Tripple Crown". Held at Pearl Studios there was a good turn out with some of the best contenders in the world turning up to battle against each other. The tournament takes its name from the three disciplines - Frisbee Golf, Double Trouble and Longboard time trials. the first throw of the Golf

Starting off with Golf there was early promise by Jason McGlade with a beautiful T-off, landing the disc in a perfect position for his second shot. Some of the players struggled to control the disc and saw many shots landing astray across the carpark and into trees.


Once the game went inside the players seemed to take control and many inventive shots were tried - some with success and some sending the discs rolling to the dark corners of Pearl Studios.

holger tries a roller

As the players reached the last basket the winners and the loosers were easy to spot and of course, freestylemagazine's very own Greg Catch - who actualy plays frisbee golf at a profesional level - came away as the clear winner.

greg catch was the winner of the golf

The rest of the players then focussed on the next event and a chance to pull back some points in "Double Trouble" - double the trouble and twice the fun. This great game involves two players opposite each other throwing two discs sandwhiched together. The other player must catch both discs - one in each hand while a trick catch gives you bonus points. The beauty of the game comes from the way the discs split in mid-air and then it's a question of quick reactions.


We saw great promise from an up and coming player, Marina Rosso, who took the game to Toby (The Cannon) but unfortunatly was finaly knocked out after a brave battle.

It was a tense final between Holger and Rockton and in the end Rockton came away as the winner.


The final round was the one we were all waiting for - Longboard.


A specially built circuit wound its way around the 700 square metres of Pearl Studios with many challenging curves and a particularly technical slalom. We all battled against the clock and we saw some great ridding skills from Jan Mertens and also a strong lap from Ilka and Leif. In the end Jason McGlade came out with the fastest time only beating Jan by a fraction of a second to take the round.


After a lesson in Maths the results were tabulated to deduce an overall winner. It was the 2009 German Freestyle Frisbee Champion, Anton Rockton, who took the Robot trophy and a limited edition "hand stitched cover" copy of Freestyle Magazine Issue 1 and a bottle of Champagne.


Thanks to all who participated and see you next time.

photographs by Marina Rosso