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Last weekend Stevomatix and me headed over to White Rabbit Gallery Berlin in order to attend the performance of Curse Ov Dialect.

This 5 head gang from Melbourne descend from diverse roots such as Macedonian, Maltese, Maori, Indian and Pakistani. Their acclaimed art-avantgarde-indie-hop cracks with the existing-hop universe leading towards new experiences: each piece is (over)packed with ideas, information and influences. Outstanding beats made of all kind of recordings, musical and every day sounds of multi cultural origin, fine scratching and looping produced by DJ Paso Blonic, political and society critical, sometimes heavy, lyrics and personal ways of flowing them (especially Vulk Makedonski!). All reasons why they are signed under fine indie label Mush Records (USA), as the murmurs say on the direct recommendation of Doseone.

I had read that they use imaginative wardrobe and that they are a “one-of-a-kind concert experience (..) leaving their mark after just one performance.”

Well, that’s true for sure! Lets just say I expected the mark to be different. I was not awaiting a party show rather a thought-provoking one. The atmosphere was highly destructive, chaotic and aggressive. The small rooms cosy living room character turned into disorienting and repellent. Diffuse video projection, a ball of string was wrapped around us, pointing with an old gun, diary eating, breaking and dropping on us, smashing a plastic piece (some old programming machine?) against walls and floor, breaking a big stick its wood flying all over the place, breaking of plastic cutlery and throwing it on us, jumping into the audience, kicking into glass bottles being barefoot, ... all accompanied by strong acid sweat smell.

freestyle magazie_curse ov dialect

Afterwards we tried to deal somehow with our disturbed feelings by analyzing this exaggerated venue. Stevomatix, who is a quite big guy, affirmed feelings of fear and thoughts of leaving at several points of the show! Without a doubt the weirdest concert we lived so far and we are into live music. Still their new album “Crisis Tales”, which I bought, is GREAT!

Our perception of being witnessing an apocalyptic night did not stop as we walked down Potsdamer Straße, passing all those odd bling bling nightclubs. Coming to its climax at post demonstration (against data storage of internet connections) scenario at Potsdamer Platz: seemed like Curse Ov Dialect Parade just passed by.

Next morning, checking the pictures I remind how easy we started the night, with cute exhibition Les Monstris by Ninon:

freestyle magazine_les monstris

freestyle magazine_les monstris 1