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Full Circle - Lomography x FSM Competition

17 days left. 378 submissions so far.

Get your cameras ready!

freestyle magazine lomography competition

Show off your unrestricted style and your freewheeling panache! It’s time to go out of your box and instead, go crazy for everything and anything round! We are looking for phat, funky and mind blowing images to publish in our next issue. Freestyle Magazine appeals to the very best image makers and artists of our time, who get the challenge and opportunity to work in a format they haven’t used before. That’s you! So go on ahead and slap your fisheye lens on your favorite camera and do some freestyle shooting!


  • 1st Prize: Diana Deluxe Kit & 1 year subscription to Freestyle Magazine
  • 2nd Prize: Fisheye 2 & Underwater Housing
  • 3rd Prize: Diana F+ & Fisheye Lens

The winning photos will be published in our next issue!

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