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Alive @ Night

Words by Samson Soboye 18-21-bailey415

David Bailey launched an exhibition in collaboration with Nokia and Orange at the Old Dairy in near Russell Square on the 26th August.

Alive at Night was an exhibition of portraits taken by David Bailey and London ‘night’ workers all taken on the new Nokia n86, which boasts a super large f/2.4 aperture 28mm wide angle lens and duel LED flash which allows it to let 50% more light to the sensor, which basically means it takes great photos in low light conditions like at night.

Bailey was in attendance with his ex-model wife Catherine (still stunning) and their children. Looking decidedly older but still with spark and in good spirits. The photos themselves, were inspired by the story of Ian Kirton, an ambulance driver. The photos, were exhibited in a darkened room with each photo spotlit to look like you were viewing them thru the phone itself.

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