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Roadtrip Final

Our destination was munich and we were keen to see what these fashion conscious germans would think of freestyle magazine and she hannibal. We had a date in a beer garden with tall beers and sour sauerkraut and so quickly found our parking spot and headed out on foot. muenchen_! Riding in style Muenchen_2 Rickshaw action muenchen_3 rocket store muenchen_4 freestyle cookie heart muenchen_5our mate Timo

I had heard that munich was very posh and swanky and so was curios to see how a couple of scruffy freestylers and a dirty dog would be welcomed by the Bavarians. We were meeting friends in a traditional munich beer garden and after walking in circles for many minutes we found the place and our friends who had laid out a beautiful table full of Bavarian specialities and big litre glasses of beer. Sandra was wearing traditional costume which to say the least certainly flatters the female form and had also baked us a freestyle magazine cookie heart.

muenchen_6 Soda Magazine Shop muenchen_7 jason and a bit of FS action muenchen_8cookie

muenchen_9 greg sells the first magazine of the day . 8am! muenchen_10 everyone loves She Hannibal After a great meal and only one attack from ozzy on an unsuspecting dog we headed for a bar to plan the next days movements. Firstly our good friend Thimo offered the use of his bicycle rickshaw so we could make a tour of all of the cool stores in Munich. Then our friends sandra told us that she had organized a spot for us to put she hannibal and make some promotion for the evening. The rickshaw action was great. With Greg at the wheel again, me , ozzy and Timo sat in the back with the magazines. Swanky munich loved fsm and we made a lot of friends that day and there are several places to pick up your copy now.

muenchen_11 new friends muenchen_13 delivery to wortwahl muenchen_12 jason in a photograph posted the wrong way around After a great day we headed back to she hannibal to prepare for the evening. We parked she hannibal in many contrasting places during the trip and I think Munich was exceptional in that it was the most "Eighties" place we have ever visited. Apart from having tonnes of money and fab cars, the Munchies also dressed to kill for a night out on the town. For them to see a 1976 camper van with a big pair of red lips on the side and an australian cattle dog sniffing around the place like a wild dingo right outside of Osmosis (one of the cities trendier clubs) was highly entertaining for them as well as puzzling because things like that just don´t happen in Bavaria. What they didn't understand though is that she hannibal is completely invisible to the authorities and un freestyle people. It´s so loud, big and bad that you just dont notice it particularly when blasting out the melody horn. Anyway it was a great night on the last stop of the FSM tour. Next day we visited the englisher gardens and met some super old school freestyle players. Lots of discs were in the air and a fast flowing river runs through the gigantic park and people bob along it to get cool. What an amazing frisbee jam site. It was hard for us to leave the park but Berlin was calling and with fond farewells to Munich we air horned our way all the way to the Autostrada.

muenchen_14 timo the legend who cooks a mean pasta and likes his cookies muenchen_15 bavarian woman- very nice muenchen_16 greg loves freestyle After a monumental drive from Greg catch we happily arrived home to the loving arms of our wives (otherwise known as "the wives team") and unpacked our beloved she hannibal while reflecting on what a great trip it was and how unbelievably shattered we were. Muenchen_16

Muenchen_17surfing on the river

Muenchen_18anna in the englisher garten


Remember though- the adventure is never over!