Freestyle; a performance or routine featuring free, unrestricted movement, intended to demonstrate an individual’s special skills or style.

 FreeStyleMagazine is round in shape and fits inside a frisbee. The flying disc - a piece of plastic - appeals to all design minded people who appreciate an object that is so simple and yet can fly. A true design classic that is passed around from hand to hand and is the source of inspiration for this magazine: FreeStyleMagazine brings people together who share a freestyle attitude to their work and life. FreeStyleMagazine is about communication. It’s about creativity. It’s about play. We are Art, Design, Photography, Fashion, Architecture, Music, Lifestyle, Frisbee and much more. 

The Freestyle Magazine team at  Leefest  2013

The Freestyle Magazine team at Leefest 2013

Both, the magazine and the frisbee are sold together as one design item. Each issue is released with a professional Whamo-Frisbee that is designed by a famous designer or artist such as Eley Kishimoto, Paul Smith, Matthew Williamson and DJ Spiller. Working in the unique round format is very appealing but also most challenging and requires outstanding craftsmanship. Our selected photographers, artists and designers alike have to think outside the box, be ready to push boundaries and explore the unknown.


Our highly-skilled team as well as our impressive roster of contributors drawn from a pool of talent collected over years of work within the worlds of fashion, art and design all share the same sense of enthusiasm and experimentation. We create compelling and fresh content that will delight and inform and makes us stand out in a time when print media is seeing a demise. Print is not dead – we need to rethink it!


Searching and finding fresh inspiration FreeStyleMagazine has recently relocated its main editorial office and studio from Berlin to Shoreditch, East London. Issue 4 was produced from the back of our van at the Red Market in the centre of London’s creative hub sucking in the areas dynamic and affecting energy. Exploring the interrelation between art and technology there couldn’t be a better inspiration than what is know as the”Silicon roundabout” at Old Street!

Apart from its geographical reposition, issue 4 brings along another ground-breaking innovation . Calling itself “bookzine” FSM 4 rightly claims and defends its place on any shelf or coffee table among other books rather than in the easily flick-through magazine pile.

ISSUE 4 mobile production office in East London.

ISSUE 4 mobile production office in East London.